Your online store is the only place where you can attract potential customers. It is a place filled with opportunities that go beyond your offline tactics. With a prominent online presence, you can conduct business activities 24/7 and be way ahead of your competitors.

A famous proverb says,” First Impression is the Last Impression” Just like that, your website is the first impression for your customers. It should be eye-catchy and worthy enough to attract thousands of people.

When it comes to creating an eye-catchy web design, there are a lot of things to be considered, from design to value proposition to product description. However, the main thing that many people do not know is that websites are not only about design but also about content.

Read on to learn about some of the mistakes that brands usually make while making their eCommerce web design.

Mistake 1: Not paying attention to factors while designing an eCommerce platform  

Do you realize that even the most popular eCommerce platform, such as Shopify, cannot be chosen randomly? Therefore, the most important decision affecting the future of your eCommerce store is the platform you choose. And what exactly are the factors that must be considered?

The size of your inventory, payment methods, and projected number of customers are just a few factors that should guide your eCommerce platform selection.

Mistake 2: Coming Up with A Layout Which Does Not Evoke Enough Trust 

Your website’s web design and layout play a crucial role in your business growth. Your customers trust you with their personal information, so your layout should be reliable enough for them. Data leaks and information attacks are now commonplace in the digital age. When it comes to giving personal information, shoppers are more cautious than ever. They will simply overlook an eCommerce site that does not exude sufficient trust.

Businesses should be cautious enough to look at a website through a customer’s eyes. Take a peek at your web page. If you were a customer, would you have given your personal information to the site (which you built)? If you don’t do this, you’re making a huge mistake.

Mistake 3: Action without Strategy

Before you decide the design and layout of your website, you should be ready with your business model, defining the marketing, support, supply management, buyers, market, etc.

Mistake 4: Incompatibility with Mobile Devices

Did you know that 60% of all searches begin on a mobile device?

Undoubtedly, many clients utilize mobile devices to conduct web searches for various services and products. Because the number of iOS and Android devices is growing, the eCommerce website must be compatible with many platforms and devices.

As a result, developers must focus on the eCommerce business’s user experience and user interface. The site should be compatible with a wide range of device screens. Furthermore, you must ensure that the site appears great on tiny and large displays.

Mistake 5: Poor search, sort, or filter options 

The shoppers are given many categories of options so that their shopping experience can be easy and enjoyable. There’s a whole category of shoppers gazing at shop windows. Therefore, your product presentation must be appealing enough to keep their interest.

Mistake 6: Not having a proper About Us Page

If you fail to design an About Us page, then there is a good chance people will not know what company they are shopping from. Therefore, you must have the proper ‘About Us’ page designed so customers can learn more about your company and how they can contact you.

Final thoughts 

With the world becoming more advanced, e-stores are evolving rapidly, and more and more brands want to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, only a few of them can manage it properly, while others make mistakes that create a mess of sales.

The design of your web store is critical to its success, and many business owners underestimate this aspect. We hope this post demonstrated how you could take advantage of your circumstance by avoiding the design errors addressed in this blog.